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1st Birthday Checklist

This checklist is designed to help you navigate the joyous yet bustling journey of planning your child's first birthday party. From setting the date to enjoying the party, each step is crafted to ensure a seamless celebration of this significant milestone. Let's make unforgettable memories together!

Initial Planning (4-6 Weeks Before)

Set a Date and Time
Consider a time that works best for your child's schedule, typically after naptime.
Choose a Theme
Decide on a theme that is either favorite cartoon characters, animals, or color schemes.
Create a Guest List
Include family, friends, and children of similar ages.
Select a Venue
Decide whether it will be at home, in a park, or a rented space, considering space and safety for toddlers.
Outline how much you want to spend on the party to guide your decisions.

Invitations (4-5 Weeks Before)

Design Invitations
Match them with the theme of the party.
Send Out Invitations
Consider digital invites for convenience or traditional paper ones for keepsakes.
RSVP Tracking
Keep track of who will be attending for planning purposes.

Decorations and Supplies (3-4 Weeks Before)

Party Decor
Purchase or create decorations that match your theme.
Tableware and Utensils
Ensure you have enough plates, cups, napkins, and utensils, preferably in theme-related colors or designs.
Rent or arrange tables and chairs as needed.

Food and Cake (2-3 Weeks Before)

Plan the Menu
Consider easy-to-eat snacks for kids and adults. Include food that accommodates any dietary restrictions.
Order the Birthday Cake
Choose a design that fits the theme. Consider a small 'smash cake' for the birthday child.
Provide a variety of drinks for kids and adults.

Entertainment (2-3 Weeks Before)

Activities and Games
Plan age-appropriate games and activities.
Hire Entertainment
If your budget allows, consider hiring a professional, like a clown or musician, suited for young children.
Music Playlist
Create a playlist to set the party atmosphere.

Favors and Gifts (1-2 Weeks Before)

Party Favors
Assemble goody bags with small toys or treats for the young guests.
Gifts for the Birthday Child
Wrap gifts and prepare them for the big day.

Final Preparations (1 Week Before)

Confirm RSVPs
Get a final headcount.
Confirm Bookings
Double-check any bookings for the venue or entertainment.
Prepare a Schedule
Outline the timing for activities, cake cutting, and meals.

Day Before

Set Up
If possible, start setting up decorations and arranging the space.
Food Preparation
Prepare any food that can be made in advance.

Day of the Party

Final Setup
Complete any last-minute decorations and setup.
Designate someone to take photos or hire a photographer.
Enjoy the Party
Celebrate the milestone, and try to relax and have fun!

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