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Dark Souls 2 Bosses

ds2 checklist - The Second Incarnation of Pain - Check out this Dark Souls name generator too.
The Last Giant
The Pursuer
The Dragonrider
The Old Dragonslayer
The Flexile Sentry
The Ruin Sentinels
The Lost Sinner
The Belfry Fargoyles
The Skeleton Lords
The Executioner's Chariot
The Covetous Demon
Mytha, the Baneful Queen
The Smelter Demon
The Old Iron King
Scorpioness Najka
The Royal Rat Authority
The Prowling Magus & Congregation
The Duke's Dear Freja
The Royal Rat Vanguard
The Rotten
The Dragonriders
The Looking Glass Knight
The Demon of Song
Velstadt, the Royal Aegis
The Guardian Dragon
The Ancient Dragon
The Giant Lord
The Throne Defender & The Throne Watcher
The Darklurker
Elana, the Squalid Queen
Sihn, the Slumbering Dragon
The Afflicted Graverobber, the Ancient Solider & the Old Explorer
The Fume Knight
Sir Alonne
The Smelter Demon
Aava, the King's Pet
Lud, the King's Pet
Zallen, the King's Pet
The Burnt Ivory King
Aldia, Scholar of the First Sin

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