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Project Zomboid Books

Collect all books in Project Zomboid - The Ultimate Zombie Survival RPG
Advanced Carpentry
Advanced Cooking
Advanced Electrical
Advanced Farming
Advanced First Aid
Advanced Fishing
Advanced Foraging
Advanced Trapping
Alloys Textbook
Aluminum Working Textbook
Anarchist Cookbook
Anatomy Textbook
Angler USA magazine (Fishing Rod)
Angler USA magazine (Fishing Net)
Animal Husbandry Textbook
Anthropology Textbook
Apiculture Textbook
Appliance Repair Manual
Archery Textbook
Armor Crafting Textbook
Baking Textbook
Basketry Textbook
Better Shelters and Farms
Bicycle Repair Manual
Biodiesel Textbook
Biology Textbook
Bird Fieldguide
Boneworking Textbook
Candle Making Textbook
Carpentry for Beginners
Carpentry for Intermediates
Cheese Making Textbook
Chemistry Textbook
Cobbling Textbook
Cooking for Beginners
Cooking for Intermediates
Copper Working Textbook
Distillation Textbook
Economics Textbook
Electrical Engineering Textbook
Electrical for Beginners
Electrical for Intermediates
Electronics magazine (Controller)
Electronics magazine (Timer)
Electronics magazine (Motion Sensor)
Electronics magazine (Trigger)
Engineer magazine (Noise Maker)
Engineer magazine (Smoke Bomb)
Entomology Textbook
Expert Carpentry
Expert Cooking
Expert Electrical
Expert Farming
Expert First Aid
Expert Fishing
Expert Foraging
Expert Trapping
Explosives Textbook
Farming for Beginners
Farming for Intermediates
First Aid for Beginners
First Aid for Intermediates
Fish Fieldguide
Fishing for Beginners
Fishing for Intermediates
Flower Fieldguide
Foraging for Beginners
Foraging for Intermediates
Fungi Fieldguide
Gardening Textbook
Geology Textbook
Glass Working Textbook
Gold Working Textbook
Good Cooking magazine (Cake, Pie)
Good Cooking magazine (Bread)
Guerilla Radio VOL: 1
Guerilla Radio VOL: 2
Guerilla Radio VOL: 3
Gunsmithing Textbook
Hatter Textbook
Herbalism Textbook
How to use Generators
Hunting Textbook
Industrial Mechanics Textbook
Iron Working Textbook
Lead Working Textbook
Leather Working Textbook
Lithium Working Textbook
Locksmithing Textbook
Magnets Textbook
Mammal Fieldguide
Masonry Textbook
Master Carpentry
Master Cooking
Master Electrical
Master Farming
Master First Aid
Master Fishing
Master Foraging
Master Trapping
Medical Textbook
Metalworking Monthly Magazine (Sheet Metal)
Metalworking Monthly Magazine (Gears)
Metalworking Monthly Magazine (Hammer, Saw)
Metalworking Monthly Magazine (Steel Beam)
Metalworking Monthly Magazine (Pipe)
Microbiology Textbook
Music Textbook
Pharmacology Textbook
Physics Textbook
Plumbing Textbook
Rocketry Textbook
Rubber Working Textbook
Sausage Making Textbook
Science Textbook
Sericulture Textbook
Silver Working Textbook
Soap Making Textbook
Steel Working Textbook
Stoneworking Textbook
Tailoring Textbook
The Farming Magazine
The Herbalist
The Hunter magazine (Trap Box, Cage Trap)
The Hunter magazine (Wooden Cage, Stick)
The Hunter magazine (Snare)
Tin Working Textbook
Trapping for Beginners
Trapping for Intermediates
Tree Fieldguide
Veterinary Medicine Textbook
Viticulture Textbook
Welding Textbook

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